Friday, August 26, 2016

Sharing & Collaborating with Google Drive: A Guide

This guide is brought to you by Eric Curts, and features a video to walk you through the different stages of turning your classroom into a paperless environment through the features and functionalities of Google Drive and Google Docs. 

Here's a sample of Eric's Table of Contents:
How to name documents and folders
How to choose sharing options: Edit, Comment, and View
How to share a document with specific people
How to share a document as a link
How to use folders
How to create folders for your documents
How to put your documents in folders
How to share a folder
How to use folders as staff handout folders
How to use folders as student turn-in folders
How to use forms to turn in assignments
How to use comments in the grading process
How to use revision history
Use Voice Comments

Other resources

Access Eric's guide here!

University of Hawai`i Google Drive Sharing Graphic:

by Suzy Mehlhorn