Friday, July 24, 2015

Insert Citations in Google Docs - Easy!

Not only can you insert citations easily while in Google Docs, you can research from an open document once you open the sidebar. Wow! 

This is also a good way to locate images by filters to avoid copyright issues. If you insert an image into your document, it will cite the image for you.

Step 1:
Create or open a Google Doc

Step 2:
Click on Tools, Research (the sidebar will open)

Step 3:
Click in the search bar to view the different types of searches available
  • You can use Google Scholar to search for an article or study
Step 4:
Click on the tiny down-arrow in the middle of the side-bar search window where you may choose:
  • Filter image results by usage rights
  • Select your citation format 
Once you find the article you want, either Cite as footnote or Insert