Thursday, April 6, 2017

How to Create a Quiz in Google Forms

Here's a simple example on how to create a quiz using Google Forms:

Create Google Form Quiz:
Google Drive and New (scroll down to select More and Google Forms)
Type the TITLE of your form/quiz in the top left corner – add a description if you wish
Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner
Make your selections under General, Presentation, Quizzes (make this a quiz)
In the untitled question space, type Question One? 
Answer 1: No. 
Answer 2: Yes.
Click on *Required
Click on ANSWER KEY & make your selections – Don’t forget to add your points
Click the + sign to add another question
In the untitled question space, type Question Two?
Select the small arrow and change question type to dropdown.
Type the answers.
Click *Required
Click on ANSWER KEY & make your selections
Continue on with your quiz questions and answer key

Spreadsheet Responses:
From your newly created form, click on Responses
Create your spreadsheet (click on green box)
Spreadsheet will open in a new tab

Send Form to Recipients:
To SEND FORM: From the spreadsheet, click on Forms, Send Form
In the pop-up window under email, paste all your recipient’s email addresses
Make sure you are collecting recipient’s name or email address unless you want the quiz anonymous
Fill in the subject and message, if any.  If you select Include form in email, recipients won’t have to click on a link to get to the form.

Share Form with Collaborators:
To SHARE with colleagues, etc., go to the spreadsheet, click on SHARE in the upper right corner, then click on Advanced.
Make your selections and paste your email addresses
Click on the pencil for permissions
Click on the clock next to the person you shared with to set an expiration date