Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Top 10 Google Expedition Tips!

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Monica I. Martinez
EdTechTeam Blog

1. Get Your Viewer
Purchase a cardboard online at:
> Google:
> Amazon:
> Web:

2. Download the Cardboard App
> iOS:
> Android:
Go on an Urban Hike - Visit the Eiffel Tower, Venice
Canals, the Old City of Jerusalem, and underwater
at the Great Barrier Reef.

3. List of Expeditions
With more than 500 Expeditions to choose from,
students can journey far and wide, learning from
immersive new experiences. Find the right
expedition for your classroom in this list from
GoogleEDU and this map (via @MrCarey)
> Sheet:
> Map:

4. Install Expeditions
The Expeditions app is available for Android and iOS
(iPhone and iPad) devices.
> iOS:
> Google Play:

5. Teacher Guide
Check out this PDF 411 on onboarding
Expeditions at your school or in your

6. Streetview
Use the Google Street View Camera to
create your own 360 degree Photospheres.
> iOS:
> Android:

7. Make your Own Cardboard
Get the template and build your own
cardboard viewer. You’ll need the following:
> cardboard
> lenses
> magnets
> velcro
> rubber band
Template >

Click here for the infographic & MORE!