Friday, August 2, 2013

Coursera MOOC - Signature Track & Web Cam

signature track
Coursera MOOC Signature Track & the Web Cam Experience
Aloha everyone! Today I signed up for Signature Track using a web cam and Coursera's online secure identity verification process. Since I didn't have a web cam on my PC, I used a Mac with Safari.

It was a quick process from start to finish - 5 minutes at the most. 

First, I clicked on the Signature Track button on my course page. Then it took me to another page with a couple boxes where I typed the same sentence twice. That recorded my personal typing style, which will be verified throughout the course! Wow! 

Next I took a picture of myself with the webcam. Coursera walks you through the process. Then, I held up my driver's license to the webcam and took a picture of that, which Coursera saves to validate your identity. 

Last, I paid the $14.50 fee for Signature Track with my 1/2 off voucher. In case you missed my earlier post, here's the link: Signature Track Guidebook.

I received an email that takes me to a nice course page with the syllabus and all the other materials necessary to complete

If you're curious about the course, here's a PDF you can check out:

Please comment here if you've tried a Coursera or other Mooc!